So then what happened?

Fifi went back to Memphis, and Pat, Lisa and I went to Tunica for the night.  Naturally,
we were FORCED to gamble.   As is usually the case, Pat won and Lisa and I lost.
Here's Pat and her three Double Diamonds  and the nice lady who paid her off.
Saturday was the big day, as we introduced Fifi to the splendiferous wonders of GRACELAND TOO.
Here are some typical responses.
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Graceland Too!
The day ended as my mom and her bridge club and friends joined Pat, Lisa, Fifi and me
at MADIDI,  a new restaurant opened by Morgan Freeman in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

We all agreed that Morgan should stick with his day job as an actor.
Madidi is a beautiful restaurant, but the food is sketchy.

We also agreed that we all had a great time.
Left to right:  Pat, Lisa, Fifi, Mike Butts, Mom, Lent Thomas, Linda Thomas, Kay Hasseltine, Dottye Langhofer, me.
As you can probably tell, the proverbial good time was had by all.
Now the project is to get Pat to go back to Graceland Too next year.


On your third visit, you become a lifetime member,
and you get to have your picture taken in Elvis' s black leather jacket.

Perhaps the best testament to Graceland Too
is Fifi's comment after leaving:

"I'm @#$%ing speechless!"