We saw pelicans on the Snake River
(left) and flamingos on Town Creek
(below).  OK, the flamingos were plastic,
but they were very lifelike.
We saw elk, bison and moose.  Not seeing bears eventually
became very distressing to Sally, especially since complete
strangers would come up to her in the gift shop and tell her that
they had seen a bear at some point during the day.

It didn't make her feel any better when I told her that Janice had
once seen a bear and moose (with nametags yet!) at the same time.

Naturally, we went to Yellowstone National Park.
                                                       Since I was the one who remembered to bring the
                                                       camera, I got pictures of Sally and Darryl (clockwise
                                                       from left, the Continental Divide, Old Faithful,
                                                       the Falls in the Grand Canyon and Prismatic Springs.
So now we come to our adventures in the water...

After a float trip on Sunday, we were back for more fun on the river on
Tuesday, when we went white water rafting.  This is a picture I took of
Darryl and Sally before we got into our boat.  Sadly, it was the last picture
I took with my old camera.  The water was high, and our guide was
determined to get us all (and our cameras) wet.

If you'd like to know just how wet, click on the photo to go to the
pictures of the trip that we decided not to purchase since you couldn't
see us under the waves.  (I'm in the front right of the boat; Sally and
Darryl are in the third row under the hats.
To add insult to my injury, we went
kayaking and canoing with Lisa and a
friend later in the week.  Sally and
Darryl rented a canoe.  Lisa had her
own kayak, and I borrowed Paul's.

It really was lots of fun, but about
halfway into the cruise (?), I noticed
that Lisa looked a lot more
comfortable in her kayak than I was
in Paul's--which was
built for someone who's much more
agile than I.  Eventually, I decided
that drowning was preferable to not
being able to feel my legs, so I took
this last picture of myself as a dry
person before scuttling my craft.

I was heroically towed to shore by
Lisa (thanks again!) who kindly
offered to let me use her kayak for
the rest of the afternoon.

I could see that she was
uncomfortable in Paul's boat, but I'm
sorry to say I was selfish enough not
to care!
It was great to see Lisa and Paul again, and I enjoyed introducing Sally and Darryl to
them.  Paul told us about his new endeavor as Wyoming Coordinator for Republicans
for Environmental Protection.  Lisa says that makes him the best of a bad lot, but the
rest of us were very impressed. (If you're curious, go to
www.rep.org and check it out.)