In June of 2010, Janice McDonald and I met in Mr. Jackson's
Hole.  I lost my camera, so all of these photos were taken by Janice.
"Let's go to Dornans!"  
And we did.  
Like every day.
Yep.  Lots of mooses...er, moose.
I may be wrong, but this cowboy might be
the only person we saw whose job was
not tied to tourism.
Below, Janice and Lisa and I spent a great
afternoon trekking around the Laurence
Rockefeller Nature Preserve in Grand Teton
National Park.

Later that evening, Lisa and her friend Charlie met
us in town for an awesome dinner at the Snake
River Grill.
Lisa sports some cool shades I found for her
at the "Jackie O" exhibit at the Smithsonian.
Above, Paul, Janice and I spent a great
afternoon kayaking on Snake River.
A cultural highlight of the trip was a visit to Driggs, Idaho, the
self-proclaimed "Cultural Hub of the Universe."  (You knew it had to
be somewhere, right?)

After a delicious dinner at the Warbirds Café (and military aviation
museum--check it out sometime), we went to the Spud Drive-In to
see a double feature of  Toy Story 3 and Iron Man 2.  The days last
a long time in Idaho, so the first movie didn't start until 9:30.  Iron
Man 2 didn't end until about 1:30.

Earlier in the day, Janice and I had gone to the hardware store and
purchased chairs. Everybody brought their own sweaters and
blankets because it kinda cold.  Paul and his friend Becky (above)
had matching blankets, and Janice and I brought ours from the hotel.

Toy Story 3 was terrific.  (Remember:  Facebook Stalking=Death
by Monkeys
.  Pass it on.)
OK, maybe Janice didn't take all the pictures...