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After graduating with  a degree in banking, I moved to Baton Rouge and went to work at
Capital Bank.  That lasted about a day-and-a-half.  (This is why I'm now a big supporter of
cooperative education, but I digress)  Within a year, I was in graduate school at LSU and
working for the Louisiana Legislative Council, which was the staff for the state legislature.

I started in the library, and eventually insinuated myself onto the staff of folks who wrote
most of the bills.   That would be the group at left.  Our leader was the legendary Anne
Dunn, leaning into the picture at left.  I was the first Republican to work for the legislature.  
I felt like a leper at the time, but now I'm kind of proud of it.
We had great Halloween parties in the 1970's.  At top (with Stacy DeMartini and Kathleen
Randall) is my favorite Halloween costume of all time,  a Jawa from Star Wars.

At bottom (with Taryn Southon and a date) is my least favorite--an "Urban Cowboy" from the
costume room of the Baton Rouge Little Theater.
In 1980, I went to work for Governor Dave Treen, who is shown here with my cousin
Pennye Presley and her friend Georgia Brown.  The governor is wearing his one and only
casual shirt--which he wore for four years whenever he wanted to look like he was a
regular guy.  I hated that shirt.
In a team building effort, the office staff had a touch football game at the Governor's Mansion.
This was the Governor's re-election campaign staff in 1983.
One Friday night, Kendall Smith, Nancy Nungesser, Sally Nungesser, Bonnie Hymel
and I went to a Beach Boys concert at the LSU Assembly Center.  We liked them so
much we drove to Biloxi the next night and saw the show again.
This picture (with Sally Nungesser) is from a fundraiser that was held when Elizabeth Taylor was in
The Little Foxes at the Saenger Theatre in New Orleans.  After the show, we had a dinner at the
Fairmont Roosevelt Hotel.  Miss Taylor was a total snob, but Maureen Stapleton was also in the
show, and she was seated at our table.  She was adorable.  The next year, won an Academy Award
for her portrayal as Emma Goldman in
Reds.  In her acceptance speech, she said she wanted to
thank "everybody I've ever met."  I'm sure she was thinking about me.
When I see woeful looking men wearing shorts that are profoundly disturbing to those
of us who have to look at them, I forget that in the course of my life, I've been one of
them from time to time.   In this particular instance, I'm at some Highlands Games in
the 80's.  Needless to say, that caber did not get tossed very far.
I remember nothing about this picture from the 1980's.  I would like to know what amused my
mother, Marion Shackeroff and me.
In the spring of 1985, Darryl and I went to Europe.  It was my first visit. We went to Germany,
Austria, Switzerland and France.  At left, I'm trying to act cool by striking up a conversation with a
lovely little lady who was enjoying a beautiful day in the park in Innsbruck.  She was probably
fascinating, but alas, I didn't speak German....

Below, I was having a
Sound of Music moment in Salzburg.   (The album cover for the soundtrack
shows Maria and the children between these two statues.)
At far left, I'm in Paris--in a bow tie.  I don't know why.

At right, I'm in Waterloo in Belgium.  It had never occurred
to me that you could (or would want to) get boudin outside of
In 1985, I moved to Washington for a year.   Again, I don't know why.   Here,
I'm at a "Green Christmas" party with John Bullard and Jim McConlogue.
With Colonel Oliver North.  Cool guy.

Below, in the fall of 1984, I stumbled into something odd.  I went to Long
Beach, California, to visit my brother and his wife.   I was staying at a Hilton
Hotel on the harbor in Long Beach.  I was awakened one morning by the sound
of people laughing and shouting outside my room.  When I went outside and
looked, I found that Jack Lalanne was celebrating his 70th birthday by
swimming across Long Beach harbor, handcuffed and shackled, and pulling 70
boats behind him from the Queensway Bridge to the Queen Mary, about one
mile.  It was amazing.
At Mardi Gras with Nancy Nungesser.  
Our snowman costumes are made out of clear plastic trash bags.
With my brother Nick at Oak Alley at Thanksgiving, 1986.  You may
remember the sweater from my photos in Austria (above).  I still
have it, and wear it frequently.