Matt, Age 36-50
From 1990-2002, I lived in New Orleans and worked at the Tulane
University Health Sciences Center.   I worked for the fabulous Pat
Mason (front row in white at top above and back row at left.) and had
the privilege  of working with dozens of wonderful people.
In 1991, I started spending Thanksgivings in Jackson Hole with David and Leslye
Hardie and their family.   This quickly became the highlight of my year.

This photo is from Thanksgiving 1996.  From left:  Celita and John Bullard, me
holding Cameron Hardie, Patti Kavanaugh, Leslye, David, Lachlan and Hector Hardie.
Photos over the years tend to follow one of three templates:  1) Somebody like
Leslye in the kitchen cooking, top left; 2) sitting or standing around with
stupid smiles on our faces as if we were blissfully happy--which we were-above
middle and right; or 3) Me holding Cameron for some reason, left.  To this
day, I'm amazed the young man can walk!
We were having so much fun at Thanksgiving in Jackson Hole that we
started going out during the summer as well--usually around the time of
Cameron's birthday parties.  These parties evolved into shrimp boils
over the years (left) and one year, there were balloon animals!

In addition to abusing the hospitality of the Hardies, we got to meet lots
of other nice people in town, including John Eastman and Paul
Vogelheim, below left.
In addition to plaguing the unsuspecting residents of Jackson,
Wyoming, these were years of travel to lots of other fun places as well,
including Scotland with my mom in 1991 and 1994 (left)...
...Switzerland, Austria and Germany with my mom and Nick in 1993.  
We're at dinner at the Aying Brewery near Munich at left....
...on a cruise to Alaska with
Mom, Nick, Michele and Meghan
in 1996...
..after the cruise, I went to
Atlanta for the Olymics, during
the summer of 1996.  Here I am
at the phone from which the
bomb threat was phoned in...
...and to Taiwan with a delegation of Tulane
folks in the late 1990's.  Health Sciences
Center Paul Whelton is with me in the center
of this photo.  We're surrounded by Tulane
alumni living in Taiwan.
We also got to visit Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian in his office.
After Taiwan and South Korea, I went
on the Australia for a week.  It had
never occurred to me that it might
actually be cold in Australia in July.
Other fun trips during this
time included a cruise on the
QE2 from New York to
Halifax and back....
...a cruise down the Seine from Paris to Havre, along with a
bus trip from there to the Normandy beaches and Mont St.
Michel.   Late one night, I had an interesting experience at
the Gare Montparnasse (right).  I don't want to talk about it....
...and Crater Lake in Oregon.
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Clearly, this was an age of
massive self-delusion (above).
While I was living in New Orleans (and since), two of my favorite people have been Lisa
Farris and Pat Howard.  Above left, the three of us are visiting Graceland Too and being
horrified by Paul McLeod.  Click on the photo for more.

On the same trip, we met the Hardies and the Graves in Oxford for a catfish feast at Taylor
Grocery above.
Thanksgiving continued to mean travels to Jackson Hole.  Above, we went dogsledding one year.  As you
can tell, the old saying is true that if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes.

At left, Janice, Leslye (top) and Paul (below) relax after a stressful Thanksgiving dinner in which they
were FORCED to eat and drink way too much. Click on the photos for more.
I have no pictures of my college roommates John Weatherly (center) and Dennis
Moore (right) from when we were actually in college, but I'm rather fond of this
photo that was taken about twenty years later.
In 1999, I was invited to join Leadership Louisiana, where I met lots of wonderful people around
the state and had all kinds of fun.  Our class photo is above.

Speaking of photos, mattisch.com has grown to almost a hundred pages and over a thousand
photos, but it started with five pages and one photo--this one.   In the fall of 1999, Darryl, Sally
and I went to New York and got some random dude to take our picture in Times Square.   When
I got home, I got a computer to doctor it and make it look as if it had been taken on New Years

We used the photo as the cover art for an invitation to our New Years Eve Millennium Party on
the roof of my apartment in New Orleans.   The party would be awesome, but in preparation for
it, I actually set up a website, called it mattisch.com and used it to allow people get information
about the party.

In the fall of 2001, the world changed.  At the time, I added a link to mattisch.com, and said that
it would always be there to remind people of what should never be forgotten.  Click on the photo
to see.
On this page, click on any image described in blue to link to another mattisch.com page that provides more information.