Matt, Age 51-Present
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Every other summer or so, I continued to visit Jackson Hole for summer fun.  
Below left and right, I'm with Janice on a rafting adventure on the Snake River.
In 2002, Nick, Michele and Meghan came to Mississippi for a
visit.  Here we are at Graceland Too in Holly Springs.
Christmas at the Governor's Mansion in Baton Rouge during the
administration of Mike Foster.  Ronnie Kole is at the piano, while Darryl and
I pose with his lovely bride Gardner.
From 2002 until 2007, I lived in Cincinnati and worked at the University
of Cincinnati Foundation.  I loved being a Bearcat and still root for them
whenever I can.
In 2006, the Hardies moved from Jackson Hole to Haddington in Scotland.  Naturally, Janice and I
tracked them down like dogs and went for a visit.  During one midsummer in 2006.  Janice and
I--and all the Hardies loaded into the SUV and toured the western islands.  At top left, we're at
Rosslyn Chapel before setting out on the journey.  At top, we're stopping for the night on the Isle of
Harris.   The sun is setting in the west around 11:00 at night, as this picture was taken.  Leslye is
taking pictures of the beach across the street as David unloads the car.
Cousins in Batesville.  From left: Chuck, Shelby, Sue and Eleanor Dodds, David and
Pennye Presley, Mom.
In 2005, the American Association of Medical Colleges Group on Institutional
Advancement met at the Peabody in Memphis.  When the meeting ended around noon on
a Saturday, I took a busload of friends from around the country on a bus tour of North
Mississippi.  It was hilarious.  Click on the photo for more.
In 2008, I went to Wyoming with
Darryl and Sally.  Click on the photo
for more info....
In 2009, we went to California
(including the Conan O'Brien Show at
left).  Click for more....
And in 2010, we went to Maine.  Here, Sally is snapping a photo of Stephen King's house.  
(Good thing Cujo wasn't home.)  Click for more...
There were still regular visits to Wyoming....
...and Scotland for Thanksgiving  (click for more).  By the way, those are haggis balls at lower left.
Along the way, Sally and I went to Mardi Gras in Washington (above, click for more) every once
in a while.   At left, we went to a party in the Superdome during the summer of 2011 at which
the king and queen for 2012 were introduced.
In Summer 2012, the Hardies
celebrated the end of their
seven-year stay in Scotland, along
with Cameron's 18th birthday and
"leaving" school with a party at
their home near Haddington.   
(Click on photos for more.)  At
left, David addresses the crowd.  
At right, I'm with David and
Alison Johnson, who have now
moved to Number 1 on my
"Favorite People in Scotland" list.
So this is my life, so far.

I guess I  know what the future will
eventually hold for me, but in the meantime,
my goal is to enjoy the ride.
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