50  pounds of shrimp or 2 sacks of crawfish
10  pounds small red potatoes
10  pounds small onions
2  pounds of mushrooms
2  dozen cloves of garlic
10  pounds Manda's sausage (or any PORK sausage or andouille)
A whole bunch of corn  (The original owner of this recipe said "one dozen ears.
    That has NEVER been enough. I always add at least two dozen mini-ears.
    DO NOT spend extra for the expensive ones.)
12  lemons
2  bags of ice
8  one-pound boxes of seasoning  (I like Zatarain's;others prefer Louisiana brand.)
13 ounces of liquid crab boil (Again, like Zatarain's)

Some people put artichokes, celery and sweet potatoes these in their crab boils.  I don't particularly
care for them, so I don't   But don't feel like a freak if you want to include them.

People ask me if you can use the "super crab boil" that is supposed to contain everything.  Maybe you can.  I

First Batch

Get a big pot.  70 gallons at least.  These smaller ones that they sell with turkey fryers just aren't big enough to
handle the job. Fill 1/3 pot with water.  Put potatoes and onions in pot.  Add two pounds of seasoning and 4
ounces of liquid crab boil.  Bring to boil and let boil for 10-15 minutes.  (The best
way to stir the pot is with a wooden paddle, if you've got one.)
Take the basket out and add two and a half pounds of seasoning and four more ounces of crab boil.  Add
corn,    mushrooms and saussage--then one sack of crawfish or 25 pounds of shrimp.  Bring water to boil, let it
boil for two minutes (crawfish) or one minute (shrimp), then turn off heat.

Squeeze six lemons on top of the crawfish/shrimp and put a bag of ice on top of that.  Leave to soak for 10-15
minutes, then start tasting.

Second Batch

Use the same water (regardless of how orange it is.

Follow steps for potatoes and onions as done in first batch.  Then after they are cooked, add three more boxes
and five more ounces of liquid crab boil to the existing water.  Put potatoes and corn back in, followed by the
corn, mushrooms and either one bag of crawfish or 25 pounds of shrimp.

Bring water to a boil, boil crawfish for two minutes (or shrimp for one), then turn burner off.  Squeeze six more
lemons on top of the crawfish or shrimp and put a bag of ice on top.  Leave to soak for 10-15 minutes, then start