On a Sunday in January of 2004, Sally, Darryl and I were in
Buenos Aires and decided to go to the very popular street
market in Boca.  As I was walking through the stalls, I met a
woman selling batik hangings.  I particularly liked the one
featuring the pattern at left.  You can't tell it from the photo,
but it's mostly teal in color.

Darryl asked me what it was, and I replied that it looked like
a couple of fish.  Sally said they looked like bats.  No
consensus was reached, so they were dubbed batfish.

Awhile back, I was lying in bed one night and thinking--for
some unknown reason--that I needed to give MattIsch.com
some kind of identifying symbol--a logo, if you will.  The
batfish batik hanging over the bed filled the bill precisely.  
Since I had been called "Bat Fish" by clever
second-graders since the early 1960's, it also had a bit of
personal cache.

Thus, A logo was born.  Since I can't really decide if this is
two batfish or one batfish with two heads, I've declared
"batfish" to be both singular and plural.

Now you know.
The Legend of the Batfish